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There are many games on the market you can love or hate. Tap Titans are one of those titles you will love or hate from the start. This RPG tapper traditional force you to tap for gaining a lot of experience a hard gold. Being a spiky-haired dude with huge, swinging sword cutting and smashing big enemies in front of you.

When you kill an enemy they drop gold greatly used to strengthen your hero. Currency in the game is, of course, Gold, but there is also Diamonds, Relics, Tournament Points. The game provides inside currency market make to buy a lot of items. You can also do a allies deals damage when you are tapping. Also upgrading them is a full spectrum possibility. The product offers a lot of valuable resources like Gold, Diamonds or Relics. On the other way, you can have a Tournament Points. Generating them you can use our a great Tap Titans 2 Hack.


Tap Titans 2 provide you with a lot of inside currency and Resources like relics. Tournament points, diamonds. This feature gives you an advantage with tapping. This is fully number game. Taking out the boss at the special time gives you the option to go further. Not doing this will back you down into ordinary battles. Getting more resources like Gold or Diamonds gives you an option to level up your hero or upgrade things.

Resources in Tap Titans 2 are core and crucial part of the product. You have to make a quality purchase to make it happened.You can spend a chunk of money spending only for making your active soldiers much more powerful.


Gold is an absolute basic currency for Tap Titans 2. Advancing levels, stages or zones – gold is shaking heavy from dying bosses, enemies and a lot of other awful creatures. Chests could represent much larger domination of gold.

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How Really you can obtain Currency of Gold? The most important aspect is to kill monsters and shake gold from them. Also collecting it from hoards, chest or sack when you are back from a little time of inactive playing. Another way is fair chests or Active Midas. The last possible way is to buy the “Make it Rain” perk for 100 Diamonds.

Remember if your hero upgrade this will make you earn gold by percentage increased chesteron amount. It’s hard to bunch of options and we have a solution of Tap Titans 2 Cheats.


The Diamonds could be gain in many ways. Starting from getting them via real money to the options we develop soon. What really you can do via Diamonds? Weapons upgrades, hero upgrades, scarves, helmets and perks helping you get further away in a game.

The ways you can obtain Diamonds are like fairy chests (watch an ad), Trophies gained, Daily Boss Dungeon, Rewards coming from Tournament. The social aspect of the product is a must. Link your game into Twitter or Facebook and you get 1-time 25 diamonds. It helps a lot for a beginner. The last option is to buy it with real money. We could help you providing new Tap Titans 2 Hack apk. Use it smart and not break the rules!


Another interesting feature is to buy relics. You can use them to buy artifacts. The stage of 80 is the moment you will bank one relic from every ten stages when you defeat the boss. 10 stages later number of relics increases by a certain amount every 15 stages.

The important factor is your prestige based on 3 different criteria like hero level bonus (you will get 1 relic per 1000 total hired heroes) or stage completion bonus increasing every 15 stages.


The Tournament is the reason why I love this game. Every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday every of the week gamers fight with each other to achieve the highest stage or hero level within 24 hours.

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Your rankings are most crucial to get prizes which could be paid off by Weapons Upgrades, Tournament Points, Diamonds or prestige potions. To join any tournament you need to be prepared. Gain prestige and compete for furthest stage possible.

Tournament Points:

Gold And Diamonds are not only currency and Resource in the Tap Titans 2. Great value has Tournament Points – special kind of currency. You can glimpse your current points close to players skill level. Also, the window for weapon upgrades has this statistic. How Tournament Points can be gathered? By winning Tournament of course. Place yourself somewhere around 1 and 200 places will reward you a TP.

Tournament points can’t be spent and lost. The only feature for this kind of currency is when it reaches item it could be automatically unlocked by the system.

Fairy Rewards:

When you tapping hard, sometimes from time to time you can see fairy will drop its chest and will be added as a gift like a small amount of gold, increasing damage after tap, critical chance, hero attack, clone attacks. All this depend from the current level you are in.

The other form of is ultimate gold – so, watching a short film gives you 5000% total monster gold. Ultimate Hands of Midas – take a look on short video and get 200% monster Gold per one tap. Worth to remember that one monster gold has a value of One coin. A watching is a full-scale element of gaining Resources. Also, Diamonds can be obtained in a number of 5 by watching a short video.

You can shut down a video by purchasing element of diamonds. The great thing about Tap Titans 2 is artifacts. They can extend the duration of active skills. This could be applied to things like fairy rewards. I glimpse that sometimes you don’t see ads. Generally, you need a watch or buy a lot to get things working.

You don’t have to that with our special Tap titans hack tool.

Tap to live:

Get into a rhythm of things. Your time will pass pretty quickly. Hammering your phone screen is an element of the fun. Don’t show it in public places so you can look like an absolute crazy man! It time fulfilling product specially designed to at least make you energy spend in funny times. Polished graphics and funny design make it a lot better right now.

Addictive elements are a factor. Smiling and having fun for sure will be with you for a little moment. Kill big creatures and eliminate monsters type of game which is completely lovely to my eyes!

Graphic and Design:

TT 2 has very colorful and interesting graphic design. Characters are enjoyable to your eyes. Animations don’t suck and provide a full range of grateful experience. I have to say that colors just look awesome, mixed and absolutely
accurate. The taping sounds and general quality of the sounds are perfect.

Generally speaking, this product makes you fully enjoy all the time!

Model of Playing:

How do we gain experience, gold, diamonds and more? We talk about it. Now let’s say something about the model of playing. Its typical mobile taping kind of game – but very fast paced and funny. You can for the first glimpse say about the nice model – freemium kind of. But the game demand from you a sort of energy by taping during gameplay.

You could be absolutely amazed at how perfect they polish their own product. Looks like there is no competition for Tap Titans 2?

Multiplayer and Singleplayer:

The single player in Tap Titans 2 is straight simple. Your sword and hordes of monsters coming out of nowhere. By taping you can demolish and eliminate them as quick as possible. You get Diamonds and Gold doing various jobs. Also, Relics and Tournament Points are visible to your statistics.

Remember that all your energy needs to spend on taping and upgrading things. You can do this by achieving tournament points or just straight buy diamonds. You could do this by the ways we describe below.

Get Free Resources:

To Get Absolute Free Resources you need to use our Tap Titans 2 Hack Generator from 2018. We prepare all kinds of sets you can use right now. They are visible on the right side of your screen. Use it with head and generate Free Gold, Diamonds, Relics or TP. We offer all of this completely for Free! No jailbreak and captcha! Free Resources could be hard to gain in the real game world. So you need to make it happen in other ways!

Alliance Mode

The alliance means you can join all clans which are trying to kill the main or each boss. How much of the clans could be in the alliance? From 3 to 4 clans could join the battleground in TT2 in alliance mode. You can leave the clan, join another and repeat the process over and over again. This is a pure lovely feature which I can use all the time!


Tap Titans 2 deserve full credit for an enjoyable gameplay and great features. I love taping when I’m bored and it could be easy my best tap-kind game of all kinds. Tap Titans 2 was download by millions of players around the world and now it is regularly updated, new features are added. Remember our positive review only represent our personal opinion about the game!

  • Category: Action RPG
  • Price: Free (Offers in-app purchases)
  • Developer: Game Hive Corp.
  • Platform: Android, iOS

Tap Titans 2 Pros and Cons :

Pros :

  • Elegant Graphics and Sound
  • Fantastic, addictive taping
  • A lot of currency and our Tap Titans cheats

Cons :

  • After a little of time have to be boring…
  • Little bugs sometimes

Score: 4/5

FEATURES for Tap Titans 2 Hack Generator

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Very clean and user-friendly interface for Tap Titans 2 is a rare thing out of the internet. Please respect our work and use it smartly!

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